Life Transformation

Whether you have a vision for your life and feel like you just can’t get there, or you’re still trying to figure out what you want for your life, the Life Transformation Package will open up possibilities for you! Your internal energetic and emotional blocks and the energy blockages in your home have a huge impact on your ability to move forward and realize your dreams.

This package includes an initial consultation to discuss your vision for your life and what’s holding you back, two one-hour energy and sound healing sessions to release energetic and emotional blocks, an Elemental Space Clearing ® ceremony and 10 hours of one-on-one clutter coaching to open up the energy flow in your home.  I’ve watched in awe as people’s self-assurance soared, careers took off, family relationships improved, and they released what no longer supported their best lives after working with me.

Life Transformation Package $585 

“In the last weekend of December, Carlyn came to my house to do a space clearing for my home. My partner and I had started an awesome de-clutter/purge/organization of our storage area in the basement— back in October!! This began with good intentions, but like so many projects we began in this house, it got about halfway done.

So for the rest of the year, the rest of the basement- my office area, our music area, and homeschool spaces was completely strewn with “stuff” we just couldn’t get ourselves to get back around to. It was a MESS and it felt horrible to be there. I couldn’t work there, the kids moved to the kitchen table for school work and other than doing the laundry, none of us used the space at all. We avoided the entire basement.

Once we did the clearing, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with everything– how to reorganize the spaces, what needed to go, what needed to stay… The whole space was transformed and I rang in the new year putting the final touches on our amazing new space.

Since then, even months later, my children are constantly playing there, inviting friends in, practicing their music, using the art space, doing their homework… and my work has absolutely become a joy and an ease. I’ve increased clients, created and launched new programs for my business– things I’ve wanted to do for years and haven’t had the energy or mental clarity to get past the idea stages, even though I had dedicated time to them.

I credit Carlyn’s clearing with the new love and excitement, creativity, clarity and peace that the space now offers. Every intention we set for that clearing has come to fruition. I recommend EVERYONE take the time to work with her! You will not regret it! Thank you, Carlyn.”

— Jules – Ankeny, IA