Starseed Activation

The Earth and everyone on it are in the middle of an accelerated ascension process. Many people with starseed origins have incarnated on Earth at this time to help with this. If you have felt out of place your entire life, are highly sensitive to energy and empathic and have a vague feeling that you  have something you’re supposed to be doing, you may have starseed origins. During your guided starseed activation, I provide a safe container and guided meditation to connect you to your soul’s starseed origin and remembrance of why you are here so you can begin to tap into your abilities and purpose. The session also includes a channeled galactic energy transmission to further land and integrate this connection and remembrance.

Sessions are available in-person or at a distance over the phone, Zoom or Facebook Messenger. Please refrain from wearing perfume or cologne during in-person sessions.  Rest quietly during distance sessions. Drink plenty of water after the session and ground yourself with a salt bath.

It is not recommended that you have other energy sessions within 24 hours of a session.

30-Minute Session  $75

Carlyn took  me to a time and space that I had not been able to before on my own. She guided me effortlessly through a visualization in which I was able and very willing to let go and allow myself to be catapulted into another very real time of cosmic dimensional space. What felt like my imagination was very much the most loving and accepting time and space filled with energy Beings of colors of all kinds. I highly recommend if you are curious at all in knowing more of your truest self, being open to the what has been and what is to be, you will want to journey with Carlyn to these sacred places and spaces.

Chris – Otley, IA