Emotional Clearing

Unprocessed emotions, limiting beliefs and energetic blocks are stored in our bodies and energy fields as well as our minds, making it difficult to fully release. Unprocessed emotions can contribute to a variety of issues, such as difficulty changing unwanted behaviors, reactivity, anxiety and depression. I use a variety of emotional clearing techniques, sound healing and acupressure points to release them.  I specialize in working with people recovering from trauma, stress, anxiety and depression. Clients have reported feeling happier, calmer, more self-confident and less triggered following their sessions.

Sessions are available in-person or at a distance over the phone, Skype or Facebook Messenger. Please refrain from wearing perfume or cologne during in-person sessions.  Rest quietly during distance sessions. Drink plenty of water after the session and ground yourself with a salt bath.

It is not recommended that you have other energy sessions within 24 hours of a session.

Energy and Sound Healing are not medical or mental health treatment and are not covered by insurance. Please continue to see your doctor or therapist as needed.

30-Minute Emotional Clearing Session  $45
One Hour Emotional Clearing Session $90
Package of 3 one-hour sessions $180 (save $90)
Package of 6 30-minute sessions $180 (save $90)
Six month subscription for one hour sessions, $70/month (save $20/session)

“This year I’m thankful for finding Carlyn! I’ve only been seeing her for a few months, but she has already helped me clear so much emotional baggage that no longer serves me. I’m more relaxed, my mood has improved and my body is healing right before my eyes. I no longer get frustrated over things I can’t control (which is everything)! This has been an incredible journey so far and I can’t wait to see where it leads me. If you feel stuck, lost, or unhappy, or just that feeling that there is more to life than the daily struggle, Carlyn can help you too!”

Bridget – Des Moines, IA

“I’ve been seeing Carlyn for the past couple of months and she has helped me tremendously. We have been doing work with healing emotions and chakras and I have noticed how much my mood has improved as well as my motivation. I would definitely recommend her services!”

Katie, Prairie City, IA