Clutter Coaching

Decluttering can be very challenging for many people. But it doesn’t need to be. You may have tried to declutter before and gotten stuck or overwhelmed and given up. That’s because the decluttering process hasn’t addressed the energetic and emotional components of clutter. Clutter contains energetic inertia as well as stored emotional energy. That heavy energy makes it harder to start and you pick up the energetic gunk that gets released as we start to work with clutter. Then you feel drained and icky. People also have subconscious beliefs and emotions that come up when they start to declutter and cause them to feel intense emotions such as overwhelm, shame, guilt, and anxiety.
In our clutter coaching sessions, I work with you to determine your vision for your life, energetically clear emotional blocks and stories that are holding you back, and work with you one-on-one to find the best strategies to make decisions about your stuff and whether it supports your current vision for your life.

Mini Clutter Coaching PackageĀ  $99 Half hour emotional clearing session, 3 hours of clutter coaching (virtual or in person)

Clutter Coaching Package Regularly $222 Two half hour emotional clearing sessions, 5 hours of clutter coaching (virtual or in person)

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“After you send off your two oldest daughters to college and your middle child turns 17 and is never home, you come up for air and turn 40 and life shifts. After over a decade of my life raising foster, adoptive and biological children and building a nationwide business, I was literally in survival mode every single day. I woke up and tackled the day and was on a looping repeat. So, I took some time looking around and my house, refocused my energy and thought about my goals. I decided to dig out of an 8-year stash of Rubbermaid bins (which we used to stash size 3T snow pants, and entire old work wardrobe of mine and endless amounts of clothing and STUFF) and let go of all of the OLD energy from my house. I knew I couldn’t do it alone, (well, I COULD but I didn’t want to) so I did some research and I found Carlyn. I decided that all of my “stuff” was weighing me down on a personal level and I wanted to make a MAJOR change in my life as my husband as I entered into a new chapter of our lives. I’m not one to post much about my personal beliefs publicly, but energy and space clearing is REAL and it works!

I worked with Carlyn for 4 months, starting with a total space and energy clearing session in my home followed up by hours and hours and hours of sorting, donating, reorganizing and rejuvenating our home and my personal energy. I have donated over 35 Rubbermaid bins of clothing, cleaned out closets, our basement, etc…with more work to do. The idea of getting rid of anything that does not serve a purpose in my home or in my life is absolutely liberating and I am on a personal mission to share this idea with others. Working together with someone who is a professional is exactly what I needed, and of course I am going to recommend other female entrepreneurs because DUH? Empowered women empower women! Ladies, have your hubby buy you an early Christmas or Birthday present and call Carlyn! The energy shift is worth it!”

Carey, West Des Moines, IA