Energy & Sound Healing

Your subtle energy systems can support your health, and help you feel lighter and move more easily through life. I use energy healing and targeted sound healing to unblock and balance the energies in your body and release stuck energy, unprocessed emotions and beliefs that are no longer serving you. I specialize in working with people dealing with stress and recovering from trauma.

In-person sessions are conducted fully clothed on a massage table. Please wear comfortable clothing and refrain from wearing perfume or cologne. Distance sessions are also available via phone/Skype/Facebook Messenger. You should rest quietly during distance sessions.

Drink plenty of water and ground yourself with a salt bath or standing barefoot outside after your session.  I recommend that you not schedule any additional energy treatments 24 hours before or after your session.

Biofield Tuning is contraindicated for people with seizures, pacemakers, recent concussions, cancer or who are pregnant.

Energy and sound healing are not medical or mental health treatment and are not covered by insurance.  Please continue to see your current medical or mental health practitioner as needed.

30 Minute Energy/Sound Healing Session $45
One Hour Energy/Sound Healing Session  $90
Package of  3 One-Hour or 6 30-Minute Sessions $180 (save $90)
Six month subscription of one hour session per month, $70/month (save $20/session)

“Carlyn is exceptionally talented as an energy healer and I am so grateful to have found her.  Of course, it was quite by accident.  She has worked on me with a few different disciplines. Here are a few examples: she has helped to completely re-balance me by working on my radiant circuits which although impossible for me to explain, left me glowing with joy; she has shown me exercises to balance my energy on my own time to be used daily or as needed; she has used tuning forks to release old and limiting emotions and beliefs and she works to clear the different chakras of these embedded feelings or beliefs.”

— Claire – Des Moines, IA

“Carlyn did a distance energy healing with me over the phone. I’m in Texas and I honestly didn’t think it was going to work, or that I would “feel” anything. However, I did. I am blown away at the vibrations I felt at certain times and the clearing I believe happened. I highly recommend her. I had never done this before and am completely satisfied and will be looking forward to the full spectrum results!!!”

— Christina – San Antonio, TX

Carlyn Marron is a Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner ® and a Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner ®. For more information about Eden Energy Medicine and Biofield Tuning, click on the links below.