Clutter Coaching

Does everything in your home support your goals and dreams? Does it lift your spirits? Or do you feel irritated by your stuff? Overwhelmed by the thought of trying to make decisions about your stuff? Clutter Coaching can help you create a home that fully supports you, a sanctuary to rest and recharge, a nurturing space to raise your family, and open up the energetic space to reimagine your life.

A closet decluttering includes a free initial consultation, then 2.5 hours of one-on-one decluttering together to transform your closet into a space that is easy to use and stress-free.

The Clutter Coaching Package includes an initial interview, energy clearing to release emotional and energetic blocks and 10 hours of one-on-one clutter coaching. I’ll help you clarify your vision for your life, tour your home and discover which things in your home may be holding you back. Then we’ll work together to create a home that contains only the things that support you and your vision for your life.

Clutter Coaching Package (10 hours) $288 

Closet Decluttering (2.5 hours)  $75

‘After over a decade of my life raising foster, adoptive and biological children and building a nationwide business, I was literally in survival mode every single day. I woke up and tackled the day and was on a looping repeat.

I decided that all of my “stuff” was weighing me down on a personal level and I wanted to make a MAJOR change in my life as my husband as I entered into a new chapter of our lives. I worked with Carlyn for 4 months starting with a total space and energy clearing session in my home followed up by hours and hours and hours of sorting, donating, reorganizing and rejuvenating our home and my personal energy. I donated over 35 Rubbermaid bins of clothing, cleaned out closets and our basement.

The idea of getting rid of anything that does not serve a purpose in my home or in my life is absolutely liberating and I am on a personal mission to share this idea with others. Working together with someone who is a professional is exactly what I needed, and of course I am going to recommend other female entrepreneurs because DUH? Empowered women empower women! Ladies, have your hubby buy you an early Christmas or Birthday present and call Carlyn! The energy shift is worth it!”

— Carey – West Des Moines, IA