Guided Meditation

When we’re struggling with unexplained chronic pain, emotional reactions that don’t make sense, or behavior patterns that we can’t repattern, the roots can lie in our life experiences, in the current lifetime or in a past life. Fears and emotional patterns from our past can carry over into the present, causing us to feel stuck or to be reactive instead of responding to our current situation. I create a safe container and guide you into a mediation to the time which is directly related to your current issue. Together, we rewrite the movie script of your life to release emotional blocks and patterns from that experience so you can move forward on your own terms.

One Hour Individual Session $90 

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“I highly recommend working with Carlyn Marron.   She has training in multiple modalities and is very caring and supportive.  She has helped me in clearing ancestral emotions, working through each layer for several generations.  She is an excellent sound healer.  She is very gifted in clearing out old stuck energy.  And my most recent experience in a session with her involved guided meditation journeying combined with quantum timeline jumping and was quite powerful.   We journeyed back to a time in my life that she intuited I had a traumatic experience.   She asked if I remembered anything from that age.  We revisited my 7th birthday where I received a most wanted puppy as my gift, only to see it run out in front of our home to be run over by a car.  After exploring the trauma of that event we jumped to a timeline in a parallel reality where my puppy had a collar and leash on it when given to me, and it lived and we created happy memories together.  This felt very healing to me.  Many times in one’s healing journey, there are layers of feelings to work through and Carlyn is patient yet determined to help you achieve complete healing and resolution of issues.  She also helps you discover ways to continue working on yourself between sessions,  empowering you to do your own inner healing work.  If you are ready to release what is no longer serving you and work on wholeness and health, give Carlyn a call!

— Deb, Des Moines, IA