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I’m an energy and sound healer, space clearer and clutter coach. I specialize in helping people recovering from trauma, stress, anxiety and depression. I use emotional clearing, energy and sound healing to help people release unprocessed emotions and limiting beliefs so that they can feel calmer, lighter and freer.

I’ve helped many people release old energetic and emotional blocks, unhelpful beliefs, and negative energy in their homes and workplaces. I’ve watched in awe as their self-assurance soared, careers took off, and families released what no longer supported their best lives.

Whether you are seeking to return to calm and balance, or getting unblocked so you can reach your best life, I’m here to help you.

Energy/Sound Healing

Energy healing and targeted sound healing to release energetic and emotional blocks and balance the body’s subtle energy systems. Feel lighter, freer, more resilient.

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Clutter Coaching

One-on-one clutter coaching to help you choose only the things that support your best life. Energy and sound healing session to clear emotional and energetic blocks.

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Space Clearing

A sacred ceremony using ancient energy clearing practices to profoundly transform the energies in your home or business and support your vision for your life.

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Carlyn Wei Marron is a Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner, a Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner, a Certified Elemental Space Clearing Practitioner and an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church.